NANS Viking Age Daily Life by: Dustin Stewart


The Viking Age was stated to begin in 793 AD and go until 1066 AD. This consisted of people known as; Norsemen, Danes, Icelanders, Greenlanders, Rus, and Men Of Gremmirs warband,(which is another name for Odin). Scandinavian tribes (Sami people) did begin to speak a language called Donsk Tunga ``danish tongue.” This language is now known as Old Norse. The Viking age was roughly 300 years long. Certain things that have occurred in those 300 years have echoed through the years to current present day society. A few things

that occurred then that still occur today are things such as; Civil disputes, trading and farming, feuds, metal working, grooming and voyages. One of the biggest things that occurred during the time period, I say this due to the popularity of the term today, is the word “Viking!” Viking is a term that is used by numerous people today referencing the Norse faith or a “Northmen.” Just a big heads up folks, but you’re using the term incorrectly. By calling someone a Viking you’re calling them/yourself a thief/pirate. According to Dr. Jackson Crawford that is. So, other than raiding or going on a vikingr (voyage), what did our ancestors' daily life consist of?

Growing up

As a child, at birth, you were inspected by your mother and then passed along to your father, to accept you. Your father accepted you by giving a gift, naming you, and then a ceremony called Ausa Vatni, meaning to splash with water, occurred. If fated to survive the child mortality rate, you would grow older and help with chores. A child was tasked with gathering eggs, retrieving water, and maintaining the fire inside of the home. The water was retrieved from either a fresh water source, or a well, which was a hollow tree trunk.